Are there other Bicycle Victoria members who, like me, find it unethical that the peak state cycling body accepts sponsorship for a bicycle event from the peak state motoring body?


I know that not all cyclists are environmentalists, but allowing the motoring lobby to apparently "greenwash" their image by promoting cycling as a leisure activity (as opposed to transport) needs to be questioned, if only to ensure there is justification.


Why do I say this is greenwashing? For example, where are the RACV dollars for the Transport Bike Picnic? There have been times the motoring lobby has opposed bicycle infrastructure, and the bicycle movement frequently opposes motoring works. In this light, isn't this naming rights deal hypocrisy at best?

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How is this a conflict of interst and to what advantage to RACV is it? what do they want out of it? how will it affect cyclists? are they going to rid us off the roads? i can only see benifits by haveing them on side than off side, do you think I do not belive in the things you do? I drive on a regular basis because it suits me most of the time I love cycling as I am an organiser for a cycling group, I feel sometimes you go way beyond the normal when it comes to percieved threats to cyclists and that is a more detrimental effect on other cyclists that is why I say these things,as you say it is a democracy so i can say these things as well.
Both organisations have one common aim, more members handing over more money more often, but where they spend that money is the conflict.
I'm not a member of either organisation, I see the dichotomy but not a problem.  Many cyclists drive cars as well and vice versa.   RACV operate the Melbourne Bike Share scheme.

I'm a member of both, in my world they would be compatible organisations, the more cyclists on the road the less cars is my view.

Does anyone know if they have regular communications  with each other?

As a cyclist who drives and a driver who cycles, I'm interested in how both modes of transport can share the roads safely and effectively.


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