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Commencing next week, Melbourne Water are conducting works along the Main Yarra Trail around Richmond--from Victoria Street to Bridge Road.  I've only just been advised of the details and apologise for the very short notice.

The details are in the attached documents, but please feel free to contact me directly if you need any specific advice.

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Mark - 9205 5724


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apparently these works will not happen next week, as originally advertised, but from 17th.
more info here: http://www.melbournewater.com.au/content/current_projects/rivers_cr...

HEy, has anyone noticed the new green cycleways are made of cut glass, and shredding tyres?

Hi Steven, it might be worth starting a whole new thread with your question. You might also want to speak with your local Council's responsible officer--not me at Yarra.

I thought the same thing with new lanes in East Brunswick.


"Walmer Street footbridge temporarily closed

7 January 2013

Council was alerted on Monday morning, 7 January, that there was a significant crack in a support of the Walmer Street footbridge and that the deck of the bridge had dropped on one side.

Council officers immediately visited the site and located the crack on the section of footbridge above the Kew embankment. Due to concerns regarding structural integrity of the bridge, it was decided to close public access to the bridge and to seek the advice of an experienced bridge engineer. The bridge engineer inspected the bridge on Monday afternoon and advised that the crack was a significant failure and confirmed that the closure of the bridge for reasons of public safety was necessary.

As a short term solution it is proposed to install temporary props to support the cracked section of the bridge in order that it can be reopened to the general public. It is hoped that the bridge will be reopened sometime next week. A detailed investigation into the long term solutions for this bridge will be undertaken.

As part of the Main Yarra Trail this bridge is extensively used by pedestrians and cyclists, and Council apologies for any inconvenience caused by its closure but public safety is paramount. The closest alternative river crossings are:

  • Gipps Street footbridge, Abbotsford – to the west of Walmer Street
  • Victoria Street bridge, Richmond – to the east of Walmer Street

If you require any further information regarding this matter please contact Council on 9278 4444."


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