I'm trying to get a mobile bike servicing business going focused on servicing bikes while people are at work - check out my website at http://www.fixbikes.com.au

( I know this is a version of spam...sorry about that, but I am interested in replies; being a (very) small business makes it hard to get my name out there and I am looking at all avenues to get started.)

When it comes to servicing a bike, are people likely to see this as a good option?
Would you use this?
Any thought on what I can offer would be helpful.

I've met a lot of resistance from suppliers defending their retailers turf; in the days of ordering stuff online this seems a bit pointless to me - in fact it is the retailers I've spoken to who have been the most supportive.
Comments/suggestions welcome.

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I'd say it's a fair enough post because it's well targeted to your potential market and asking for input more than for business, but I'm just one voice here.

Looks well priced and a good take on the mobile repair service concept. You could offer PayPal as an advance pay option at time of booking as this gives you a cheap way of taking credit and debit card payment. (I'm one of those annoying people who rarely has more than a few bucks cash on them and mostly pays for everything via eftpos or credit portal. ;-)

Good luck, always good seeing people having a go at making a living out of bikes.
Thanks for the input & support Steve; The advance pay idea is a good one but the main drawback is that in most jobs I wind up doing a lot more than just the service, most of which is unpredictable in terms of cost - I do need to take credit/debit cards, so will get one of those mobile EFTPOS machines.
Happy riding,


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