Mid 70s Raleigh Europa purchase - originality advice needed

Hi all, while trawling as usual for bike stuff came across an ad in gumtree for a Raleigh mountain bike.

Normally would've scanned over except the image caught my eye.

A very small image so it was hard to make out but definitely not a mountain bike.

A zoom in revealed, faintly, a very rough Raleigh and I could just make out Europa on the down bar.

Paint faded and rusty but it was priced at $30 so I thought if it was what was in the picture, worth saving.

The seller got back to me in a timely manner so was. Able to view it this morning and decided what the hell.

Won't be able to have a proper look at it or post pics until the weekend but a quick assessment is-
The frame looks ok.
Original bars slightly bent outward Suzue (I think), GB stem, headset,
Weinmann brakes with tatty white Carlton hoods, and original cottered crankset and std steel seat post (I'm assuming.

Non original -
Dérailleur's (rear is an Eagle) and changers,
Definitely back wheel (alloy QR high flanged w steel centre)
Front wheel although all steel doesn't have the funky black flanges but is shimano.
Seat and pedals.
Missing those little guards and seat binder bolt too.

Think I've gone a bit bike mad lately.

Does anyone have knowledge on what was original componentry?

In two minds about what to do - would like to get it back to original, I'm assuming it would've had Simplex dérailleur's and changers and they pop up on eBay but where about would you get those wheels???

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Matthew

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Thanks Alex will have a look! Cheers, Matthew


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