Hi all,

Has any one done any night riding along Merri Creek? Just wondering if its safe enough for a group ride with powerful lights.

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id be too scared. Its a bit creepy down there at night.


in addition to he creepy-ness, there are some really narrow bits, some of would be ok. Most of it would have to be single file. Towards the velodrome they have done a lot of work and its better as it is for most of the capital city trail part.

ps i ride it with my 300 lum light and its fine, that said i ride it a bit, as its close to me.

did a bit of it the other night, wasn't too bad, nice and cold with lots of little bug swarms(what are they?)

see strava for the ride details http://www.strava.com/activities/141363148

I'm probably a bit biased as a MTBer who does it regularly with a few groups under lights (though I also commute on a Surly DiscTrucker along there with lights as well), but it shouldn't be a problem.

On skinnier tires, just watch the various wooden bridges between St Georges  and Heidelberg Rd's; lethally slippery in the wet and dark.

With bright lights it's totally doable.  Even with dim lights it's doable if the moonlight or light pollution are favourable and you're canny.  Oh, and good fun :)

Thanks everyone.  I did my first night ride with a group over the weekend, it was so much fun on a MTB with a super bright, head mounted light. Its a whole new world down there at night with no one else around....and alot faster to ride around.


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