Im having to use my iPhone to read MC because, regardless of browser on my mac, I get diverted and spat out to It's very frustrating. Has somebody from netspace done something to be blocked and that's blocked all netspace users? Have I done something wrong and been blocked? 

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No problems here, have you checked for viruses etc?
I have a Mac, and it requires the admin password for any install. It cannot get a virus, simple as that.

BTW, it's working fine at work on XP (SP3) with Firefox, haven't checked this morning on the Mac at home because I got up at 4am for a 5am start.
Ah, i missed "mac" in your OP :) Sorry, i have no ideas about Macs, using Firefox on Vista (64bit) works fine. Hopefully some other mac users will respond.
Using TPG here Google Chrome on a Windows box and all works well.
Mac here. On Firefox. Works fine.
Starting to suspect either my router or my ISP :-/
Now starting to suspect older of my 2 MacBooks as it's all working fine from the newer one. Go figure. (And no, it's not a virus, I downloaded Clamxav and ran it on both, latest defs, not a squeek of malware. The bizarrest thing, though, not one other web site diverts anywhere, but it's been a GREAT excuse for a good hard surfing session ;-)
Find out where the two machines are resolving DNS names to IP addresses from, they _should_ both be using the same DNS server - probably belonging to your ISP or the address of your ADSL or cable router. Sounds to me as though one of your machines is using a DNS server that can't resolve the address and shovels all unresolved addresses off to a search site.

eg, from my Mac in a terminal:

macbook-ajft:~ ajft$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer: canonical name =


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