Hi there fellow cyclists!

Im a Norwegian student, going on an exchange for one semester to La Trobe university.

How is cycling in general down in Melbourne?
Do you need to use transportation out of the city to go cycling or is there a lot of cycling roads?

I have read from the cycling atlas that there are some small routes within the city, but i might imagine they´d get a bit boring in the long run..

And if i were to select a place to live (should be reasonably close to bundoora campus) from a cyclist perspective, where should that be?

I have also searched to look for some student teams, as i am quite active, and cycling alone for 10-15 hrs a week can get boring. Are there a lot of clubs to join in melbourne?



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Hello Even,

You'll probably need to define a little better what sort of cycling you are after? MTB (I assume not), road (e.g. Saturday/Saunday morning shop rides along Beach Road and up to the Dandenongs), cycle-touring, rail-trails, casual bike tracks, other?).

There are an awful lot of options and resources in Victoria around these, such as (just to start):

Bicycle Victora's many  resources:

Cycling clubs of Victoria


The many dedicated Rail Trails around Melbourne and Victoria


Hope that helps with getting you started, and welcome!

Hi Even,

This will give you all the bike paths in Melbourne. 


You can also download Run.Gps app onto your phone and navigate those routes. I'm using it all the time and don't even have to plan ahead, I simply navigate my way by bike path. You can also put your bike on the train so you can get out of the city and bike the outer suburbs to your heart's content.



Also, LaTrobe is a little bit out of the centre of Melbourne.  The closer to the city centre you get, the more (transport) cyclists you will see.  

Hi Even, and welcome in advance.

As you'll discover when  you look into links on other posts, the Bundoora campus is near the Darebin Creek. Like many creek valleys in Melbourne, there are some shared paths. You could look along that valley for places to live (though I would probably not ride that shared path late at night).

On a world scale, Melbourne is an extremely large city in area, so you'll find plenty of good rides. 

Following from Nico's and Alex's posts, one of my favourite rail trails is the Lilydale to Warburton. It starts at Lilydale station a 40 km train ride from the city.


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