Just discovered this track on the weekend.

Does anyone know how long the 'track closed' bollards (due to flood damage) have been in place? A friend thought years rather than months.

Specifically I think its closed from roughly from some kind of ford, below canning St/ Military Rd Avondale Heights?

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I should clarify 'below' as in spatially on the map, its actually closed 'above' (i.e. up-river) from the above location to Brimbank Park.

Have a look at the Wikipedia entry. It says May but I think it was Feb 2011. Was the result of the rains that washed away the Solway St bridge and wrecked a lot of ParksVic infrastructure, such as seen at Wilsons Prom and the Grampians besides flooding half the state. As a consequence ParksVic has no money to fix it and since the new State Government came into power ParksVic are now not responsible for any bike paths. So who is?  As no money is currently being allocated to any cycling infrastructure by the State Gov,  there is no need to have any one to be responsible for any bike infrastructure. So it's unlikely to get fixed for sometime. I would love to be proved wrong as it is was a great ride.

Much obliged Zed!

When I rode that section that was officially closed, it appeared to me to be in much the same condition as one to two years previously. So, I doubt the excuse is the true reason for closing it.
As for ParksVIC not being responsible for paths, to my knowledge anyone can apply to them to put a path in their parks but they need to approve it. That could be ParksVic themselves or any other person or group of people (eg Council).


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