Hi again,

The proposed construction commencement date and path closure was going to be May 3. The sharp-witted/sharp-sighted among you have noticed that the path is still open and the new alignment is being pegged out by blokes in fluoro - please take care of those trusty and brave fellows!

The new news is that the Main Yarra Trail will defintely be closed to pedestrians and bike riders from Monday May 14, between Dights Falls and St Helliers Street (Farm & Convent) Abbotsford.

The extent of works will not be for the full length of the closure because of budget pressures. We will be replacing 400+ metres of existing path with 3.0+ metre wide path, with improved alignment to improve the amenity for all path users.

Please respect the works site and our contractors by keeping out. If you really need to get in to have a look, let me know and I'll arrange personal guided tours. Really!

Weather permitting, the works will only take six weeks.

If you could pass this information around your networks, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Attached, is the notification sign that maps the detour.

Some more information here.




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Awesomeness Mark, I am over the Johnston St game of frogger....

"Take particular care of Farm visitors--who may include bewildered tourists, excited kids, busy parents" 

You forgot unpredictable off-leash dogs......  ;(

Dogs are on a leash within 5 m of shared trails, unless otherwise signed   ;-)

Take care.

There is the law, then there is the reality...  ;D

Not saying bike riders are necessarily any better at law vs. reality .......

...of course i meant, Wednesday 8 August.

(Thanks Rohan!)

@mark donnellan:

"The new line marking on the concrete sectiion will need to be re-done (you'll soon see why!), but will not necessitate further closures."

Has anybody found a problem yet? What is it???

The line-marking has been applied poorly--scalloped edges, not parallel with path edge, inconsistent widths and coming off in places--Yarra will pay good money for a good job; no money for a bad job.  When complete there will also be 1 m glow-in-the-dark lines applied every 10 m--an experiment in improving the path for night time walking and riding.

We appreciate any feedback about the path, line-marking and infrastructure--fairly glad no-one's spotted anything astray so far.

Hey Mark.  I rode along the trail for the first time since the upgrade today.  It looks great!  One question though, what decides if you will lay concrete or asphalt?  Is it concrete where it is mor flood prone or some other reason?  Just interested as I noticed the change halfway through the new section.



Hi Tim,

We have elected to go with asphalt through the Children's Farm as a signifier to bikde riders to be more aware of vulnerable path users. The Farm attracts visitors from services to the disabled, schools, kindergartens, and overseas and interstate tourists; many of whom are not going to have the same sense of path etiquette as people who you may encounter elsewhere on the trail.

In time, the linemarking and on-path stencils will also reinforce this imporatnt difference.

Generally, Yarra will use asphalt on secondary paths or adjacent to significant trees, for example along the Boulevard in Burnley. The trees are close to the path and the path breaks up in preference to damaging the trees. From time to time (hopefully, not too often) Yarra will also use asphalt where money is tight, but the need is urgent--concrete is our preferred path surface.

You will also notice that we are doing away with centre-line markings (except where required on tight bends/blind corners) to help make the shared paths look less like roads; we all know how vulnerable users get treated on roads!

Happy riding, Mark

Nice work Mark, it was a pleasure to finally ride city->Brunswick last night all the way without any detours at all (there has been a significant amount of bike track work on both the yarra and merri creek tracks!); first time in 6 months??  ;D

I'm still ambivalent about the lack of center line markings, but the one clear (in my mind at least) spot needing center line marks is the S bend slope almost under Johnstone St, (just north of the farm). It won't prevent it, but may at least give walkers/prams/slow sunday riders etc, a better guide not to walk/ride the straightest path up/down this slope (which will therefore cut across both 'lanes'. This section obviously still requires slow bike speeds and awareness.

Glad you like the path. I take your point about the centre line near through the Farm bends--I've yet to meet with them to discuss the linemarking--hope to catch up with them next week.

Thanks for all the updates Mark, it's been great. With my place of employment being on Johnston St, and right next to the river, I've taken a keen interest over the period of works. It looks great!


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