Hi again,

The proposed construction commencement date and path closure was going to be May 3. The sharp-witted/sharp-sighted among you have noticed that the path is still open and the new alignment is being pegged out by blokes in fluoro - please take care of those trusty and brave fellows!

The new news is that the Main Yarra Trail will defintely be closed to pedestrians and bike riders from Monday May 14, between Dights Falls and St Helliers Street (Farm & Convent) Abbotsford.

The extent of works will not be for the full length of the closure because of budget pressures. We will be replacing 400+ metres of existing path with 3.0+ metre wide path, with improved alignment to improve the amenity for all path users.

Please respect the works site and our contractors by keeping out. If you really need to get in to have a look, let me know and I'll arrange personal guided tours. Really!

Weather permitting, the works will only take six weeks.

If you could pass this information around your networks, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Attached, is the notification sign that maps the detour.

Some more information here.




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Just to make it a bit clearer for everyone: when travelling downstream, get off the trail at Dights Falls and travel along Trenerry Crescent to Johnston Street; cross Johnston Street to Clark Street (there is a pedestrian x-ing if you need it); travel all the way along Clark Street to rejoin trail, or travel down St Helliers Street to pick up trail at the Farm. Unfortunately, you still have to deal with Gipps Street steps (until the new bridge is built in 2014-15)

Alternately, if you are coming from Fairfield, Alphington, Northcote etc, use Yarra Bend Road, cross Kane's Bridge to Studley Park, enjoy the climb up to the Boulevard, follow the Boulevard to Collins Bridge (Gipps Street) or Walmer Street Bridge (Burnley Street), to re-join trail.

Obviously, everything in reverse if you are heading upstream.

To add to your misery and inconvenience, Yarra Council will be replacing 120 metres of retaining wall next to the Farm in the coming weeks.This will mean that the path will be narrowed down during the works - I will keep everyone informed about the job when more info comes to light.


If you have any other suggested detours, post them here. And please feel free to call me directly if you need any further information.




9205 5724

Works are progressing nicely and we'll hopefully be able to avoid a future path closure by integrating some developer's drainage works into this job.

Please pass news of this closure to your mates, because people - in spite of all the signage and fences - are still accessing the work site; putting themselves and our contractors at risk.




first of the new concrete pavement poured today...

Yummy! Spanky new track!

No chance of those groovy little solar-powered LEDS Stonnington(?) council has embedded in the Gardiner Creek track (around Glen Iris way)?

no. sorry about that. I will be using glow-in-the-dark line-marking though.

Thanks for the advice, and please let us know when the works have finished .

Hi again,

I'm just letting you all know that the wet weather has delayed the project by a week or so. The next concrete pour will occur next Tuesday (see attached photo), the final pour on Friday and then a bit of tidying up. Hoping to re-open by mid-July.

I am also interested to know if people would be happy for me to keep the path between Turner Street and St Helliers Street closed, so Council can get the asphalt path widened and re-sheeted - maybe three weeks further delay/detours.

Appreciate any feedback.


Personally I'd say do it Mark, quietest time of the year re joggers/runners/cyclists, and  everyone is already is already 'in the groove' re the closure.

Thanks Alex--I reckon we'll have a crack at a continuous closure--I am meeting with contractors later this week to discuss prices and options.

Concrete going in today--messy work, but you can't make omelettes without breaking eggs.


Thanks to everyone for their patience. 

The Main Yarra Trail at Abbotsford will be open again by Wednesday (7/8) afternoon.

The works include approximately 400 m of new concrete path and 400 m of new asphalt path, fencing, retaining walls and new bike friendly drainage infrastructure. The new line marking on the concrete sectiion will need to be re-done (you'll soon see why!), but will not necessitate further closures.

At this stage there is no line-marking through the Farm--Council will be talking with Farm management about what is best for their needs; it is their land.

The path is nice and wide and fantastic to ride along, so you will be tempted to go fast. Please remember that it is a shared path and shared path etiquette is appreciated by all path users. Take particular care of Farm visitors--who may include bewildered tourists, excited kids, busy parents and people who live places where bicycles are a rare sight.

If you need any further information or want to send any feedback, you can email me at or phone 9205 5724.





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