The Main Yarra Trail is closed in a number of places in the City of Yarra, for a number of reasons:

§  Walmer Street Bridge - the bridge that connects Abbotsford (near Victoria Gardens) to Studley Park needs urgent major repairs and may be closed until mid-September.

§  Bridge Road (O'Connell Reserve) to Victoria Street for reconstruction - diversions along River Street - for two months.

§  Downstream of Bridge Road - The path is closed at Melbourne Girls College until mid-August due to building works.  The trail is on Melbourne Girls College land and outside the control of Yarra City Council.  Further information may be obtained from the school.

§  Downstream of MacRoberston Bridge - the trail is closed due to freeway widening works by the CityLink authority.  Diversions are in place through Richmond Streets and Barkly Gardens.  Alternately, pedestrians and cyclists can cross to the south bank at Toorak (Grange Road) or Anderson Street use the southbank path.

Future Main Yarra Trail closures within the City of Yarra will include:

§  Fairfield Park, near pipe bridge - partial closure for path works during July and August - minimal disruption.

§  Collingwood Children's Farm to Dight's Falls - partial closures for path works, August - October - minimal disruption.

Delivered on time and within budget, the Main Yarra Trail works being completed by the City of Yarra are designed to improve the amenity of the path for cyclists and pedestrians.  The disruptions are unfortunate and somewhat frustrating but the finished product is worth the wait - check out the new path from Melbourne Girls College downstream to St Kevin's Boatsheds.

For further specific information about any shared trail works within the City of Yarra, please feel free to contact me directly on 9205 5724 or email


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