Hi Dan here (27) pretty new to Melbourne .Keen to find some folks to go mountain biking with.(My wife also joins sometimes)

Just weekend warrior sort of stuff . No spandex required !!

Just up for some good pace riding and have a laugh

.Been heading to Lysterfield mostly but would be keen to check out the youyangs and the like for some bigger missions.

If you keen  drop us a line.  danielwech@hotmail.com

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Dan loads of good MTB riding in Central Vic. If you're ever heading up around Castlemaine way (~90 mins from central Melb) I'd be happy to show you guys some of the trails around the place.
Don't bother with the You Yangs at the moment, the park is closed after the heavy rains exposed asbestos; I was at Lysterfield 2 weeks ago & only one trail was open. Try up around Kinglake, & the  Castlemaine area is good.

Has anyone any info on MTB trails in the Dandenong Ranges?


I took the girl up there on the weekend and seem to have misunderstood the mud-slick-trail aspect of the parks trails - fine for me, but not so awesome for the girl who had never been mtbking before (a muddy experience was had by all).


I am wondering whether there are any good sections - say hard pack fire trails suitable for a beginner?  Maybe Lysterfield would be better...

Woodend has been great the last few weeks, although the bog holes are still quite deep & wide. Otherwise great singletrack riding.
Hi Dan, recently back in Melbourne myself - looking for MTB riding buds (all mine back in UK) - happy to hook up for Melbourne (and surround)-based rides. Can be contacted at jmbadams@gmail.com

I'd love to join but i'm pretty new to biking scene in Melb. It's been some years since I rode and have been complacent with setups/bikes since my cousin always did them on his spare bike back then. Just got myself a bike with primary reason to get fit and enjoy the sun and breezes.


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