Right, so I have this grandious idea of riding from Melbourne to Perth for charity...solo...


Currently I ride at least 3-4 times a week to work, which is 16.5KM each way and I easily do this in 50mins....and that's dealing with traffic, lights, stop/starting all the time etc


When riding uninterrupted, I find it easy enough to hold at an average speed between 25-30KM per hour, so I'm thinking if I only tasked myself with covering around 100KM per day and allowed 4 to 5 hours to do so, does that sound realistic to people who have ridden long distances before?  


I would also only set a target of 600KM per week, give or take depending on what townships you get to/where you stay for the night, allowing myself 1 full days rest for each 6 days riding, is this also realistic?


It sounds acheivable to me, but really, I have no f**king idea and probably never would really understand it until actually out there doing it.


So who has done big distances round here? What advice could you give?



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Yeah, that'd be ace!  Want harder rider there and then easy ride home rather than the other way around!

30 degrees + rain tomorrow, might not be the best day for it! haha

Ah you love it!! S'pose its good to practice in all weathers, nothing worse than doing all the practice in perfect conditions, only to be hit with winds, rain and hail on the real thing!  We had to cycle through minus 25 degrees in China for 3 months which was HORRIBLE!! And no training prepared us for that one! Even thinking about it makes me chilly.. :-)

How did the cycle go?!

Didn't head to Franger, went out on Fri or Sat, which ever day it was hella freaking windy...rode from my place up to Brunswick Velodrome and did 10KM around that, then followed the Merri Creek trail up till I was passed Resevoir before heading west along the surface streets until I hit the Upfield train line and followed the bike path back down to home...was just over 40KM all up, done in 1 hour 25mins...felt pretty damn good afterwards, but a little punished as I thrashed it home as the wifey called distressed about something or other hehe


Could have easily handled pushing that to 50+km, but to then do that another 50km after a break would have been pretty damn taxing...I'd deft need to get more time/distance in before embarking on this adventure...tho as someone mentioned, the first week will be punishing, but if you just push through that, by the time I make Adelaide I'll be pretty accostomed to it I'd say 


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