anyone know of good spots to watch the tour from? I always fall asleep on the couch at home.

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haha do what i do tape the Tour :-)

A small cafe table in rural france?

21 small cafe's in France would be great Adrian. I'll inform the wife, pack your bags!

Having moved from Adelaide about 2 years ago I've been scoping this site for a little while but am prompted to comment given the topic and knowledge that there are a lots of us in the same boat.


@ Marcus - I have a similar problem, though the ear-bud headphones attached to the iPad that I'm streaming through tend to hurt if I lie on them too long.  And the sight of the warm French countryside (last night's stage obviously excluded) just makes me hate the cold, dark, wet winter months here even more.


Bright side is, there are only six months till the TDU!


Mods, please excuse the blatant commercial plug but Australia on Collins @ 260 Collins Street has 42-inch TVs (plus a bunch of new ones going in), a coffee kiosk run by the same crew as Cafenatics that's open by 7am (called Honour Roll), some bench seating down the back of the foodcourt for collapsing on and several toilets that can double as changerooms at that time of morning.  Plus it's warm and dry!  I know because I work there and plan on watching the highlights show there from 0730, instead of trying to do so at home with wife and kids...!

And if you haven't already got it, Iphone users must have this!

Our TeeV died (bad timing, eh?)  So the SBS/Skoda Tour Tracker, on the iPad, has been invaluable.  I only wish they updated the 'video' section a little sooner.  I'm not man enough to watch it live on a schoolnight.

Checkout - 'domestiqie' a pop up bar in thornbury created specifically for watching the tour!

I was just about to post this too Dave!


Was only thinking last night that someone will be holding a TDF party somewhere, wouldn't it be great to deck out a place in your favorite teams jersey.


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