Has anyone used this thing? Is it any good? - seems ridiculously cheap.

Product image for Kaiser Baas Sports Camera

Theres an article in The Age about 'video insurance' for settling disputes, I'd like to give it a try without spending too much, so others experiences with this are welcome.

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For the money it looks like a good buy. 720p 30fps built in lithium battery 3 hours recording and up to 32gb of storage ( I expect no card is supplied for that price)

Motion detection seems ok but cannot really see a need for that. Looks like it has an onscreen date and time that may come in handy as evidence. Forget about the LED light facility usually they only work in close. My experience with fully waterproof cameras is that the audio is very muffled and if you need to recover reasonable audio you would need to enhance it in software.

Hope that helps. There are clips on Youtube if you want to see it in action: 

Thanks Jack, anyone got anything on the GoPro?

Kasser cost - http://goo.gl/F3ypw

At that price I may buy one and add it to the bike for the 2012 Roobaix as the rear view then I can dump the old Tachyon XC.

I have made a few videos using the Go Pro Hero and the quality is very good. But, not as good as the Kodak ZI8. I would not recommend the ZI8 for a bike cam though for it is a pain to get stable and not really a good shape to mount.

Here is a link to one of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_E7AXJBCIg&list=UUpZ1EgH8SktM6E...

SD card is a separate purchase for the Kaiser bass.


GoPro [naked] $199.99

Memory: SDHC up to 32GB capacity

(Class 4 or higher recommended – the card is NOT included)


iPhone 4 - is another option if you have one already 

8-megapixel camera

  • Autofocus
  • Tap to focus
  • Face detection in still images
  • LED flash
  • Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio

Add a mount from this group and the iPhone is away and running 



There's NO way I'd recommend sticking an iPhone on the handlebars of your bike. One off and you're on a contract without a phone.

There's a reason the GoPro is so popular, it's the one which works best.


it's true, if it isn't insured you could damage the phone, but you ride a

nice machine, could be worth $1 200 - $6 000 isn't that at risk too.

Do you have health insurance to cover dental and back adjustments,

risk is part of life?

Your fear, reminds me of these storys about rentals being destroyed by 

tenants on beat up by current affair quasi news info-mmercial 6:30  - 7:00.

Who cares if the insurer pays for loss of rent, the new fit out ?
The tenant has paid for the insurance. Why the sob story?  

The landlord wins every time - If he is insured. 

But hey, if you fly free without insuring your phone, you could lose it

anywhere. Why is the bike a greater risk?

In 30+years I have laid down a road bike twice, once when a bus failed

to give way on Canning Hwy South Perth and once recently here in

Brunswick on Sydney Rd in a tram track when it was wet.

[new chump to Melbourne from Perth fell for that one : ) ]  

When I was training for crosscountry mountain bike racing pre suspension forks,

I crashed at times. So agree, off road, it can be hairy, but that's the fun : )

So GoPro all the way for sure, no brainer as is the helmet.

But city traffic, come on all this fear is generated by the

automotive lobby groups, they even have everyone in helmets.

Utter BS, making us scape goats for an idiot in 1000 kg or more of

metal, plastic and rubber against 12 - 20 kg of cycle, seriously. 

What good is a helmet, if they hit you at or near the speed limit?

Fear of cycling has meant numbers have declined, and in Europe

with no compulsory laws and Netherlands usage has gone up to 43% a

year.  This is just for those cycling as commuters and they have snow!

 - No Helmets -

No Fear and no fear of cycling, cycles, or cyclists

or interaction with pedestrians.

Good starting video on humanising cites

- http://youtu.be/XuBdf9jYj7o

My playlist on humanising cities

- http://goo.gl/njKOC

Our fear is generated by the auto lobby, and subsequent belligerent 

types like Warne. It's time to take the "fear" back and ride free of it. 

Steve please have a read of Paul Martin's site on the issue.


He is a doctor in AE and knows about the "fear" promoted. 

Come join the revolt against compulsory helmets and lose the fear.

We would welcome you, once you do your due diligence on the issue. 

Wishing you well. 

Paul, how did this morph into a helmet discussion? That  as been done to death, lets leave it alone. Instead admire Jacks work with the vids. 


My reply was because Steve believed an iPhone camera was at risk riding , yes my story morphed into the "fear", I am pissed a law I supported in WA in 1988, has now infected whole generations with the "fear". 

He questioned my idea of using an iPhone as a camera cycling, because it was to dangerous, which goes to the heart of using the Kaiser baas or iPhone. The "fear" which is wrapped in helmet compulsion law, while cycling around on $1 200 - $6 000+ bikes and just worrying about an iPhone being at risk. Go figure.

As for Jacks work, I have already complimented him. If you don't like what I have written that's ok.   But if I see the "fear" raising it's head I am a bull terrier, and make no excuse for promoting humanised cites and ending helmet law compulsion. 

My phone is on my bars all the time - great for strava, google maps and my bike computer app. Anyway, your phone is probably safer on your bars than in your back pocket. Think about it - how many times have you dropped the bike and had it land upside down on your handlebars?

Thanks Jack, can't really go wrong for that price, pic quality seems pretty adequate to me, not really worried about audio; I'm sure the Go PRo is superior, but it costs a fair bit more. Wouldn't want to test out the waterproof-ness of this though.

Cheers, John

Hi John,

I could not help myself and picked up one of those cameras last week took it for a test today. Instead of posting just the one result here is the camera next to 2 others with the same resolution setting and one non HD one.I really should do it again and borrow a Contour HD camera and mount the lot looking forward. I will get some strange looks but also get the best comparison. The Kaiser Bass is to replace the Tachyon on the rear of the bike. I did make a few more comments on the youtube channel if you are interested.


That is excellent Jack, I wish I was as adept with technlogy! I can the KB has slightly dodgy colours, and the Go-pro looks v. good. Thanks for putting it up.

Cheers, John.


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