The wee small hours for me. It's a necessity for work, but it's a necessity for my sanity, too.* Bugger all motor traffic, choose a route the traffic lights favour, that feeling of being somehow better than lazy slobs who are too scared to get out of bed before the sun :-)


What's your favourite time of day to be riding and why?





*yeh, I haven't been doing it enough lately ;-)

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I did this route today, only 6 minutes slower than the estimated car time. (Adrenaline of running behind schedule ;-)
I like the wee small hours too, and for some bizarre reason I love riding in the freezing cold during winter. One thing though: there may be less traffic but I seem to come across a lot of idiot drivers at this time of the day. And if you ride just before dawn then you'll come across a lot of delivery vans and trucks that shoot in and out of crazy parking positions. But otherwise, yeah: love riding at that time.

And the people throwing papers out of their cars.. they're pretty bad too.


Any time before 10am on New Years day, avoid the inner city for glass remnants of the night before, but you can chose a route to take just about anywhere.


But I'd add to NYD "after 7am" because the revellers are still out in sufficient number to spoil the peace ;-)

6am from Oakleigh to Dandy-Frangers Rd following the tracks with a quick detour on Westall Rd to get back along the tracks. Love the morning rides but hate that roundabout at Heatherton Rd near Noble Park Station.

Rarely a single rider beside me on these cold mornings but seem to get a lot going down Hammond Rd in Dandy on their way to work.

Not a fan of the ride home, because of tired people heading home from work makes a dangerous mix.

Hmm, I know the Heatherton Rd roundabout you speak of. Traffic "planning" at its abject worst.
Gotta agree, my favourite time is before the sun rises, and on my commute to work I ride towards the city from the west along Footscray Rd, straight ahead through Docklands, along Southbank and onto St Kilda Rd, fantastic to watch the sun rising, and to see the rowers on the Yarra - not too many tourists and workers -  faaaantastic time of day.  Going home the same way isn't as much fun, especially with the predominantly westerly winds - but good for fitness.


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