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Haven't tried them, would never try them. The lights from an approaching car would cancel the lines out, the design puts all the weight on a flimsy bracket that will most likely break if you went over a bump, also uses batteries which are expensive and wasteful, and last but not least your personal safety is worth more than seven dollars.

Now, a good rear light sits between the 30-60 dollar mark, My favourite is the "moon shield', waterproof, drop-proof, usb rechargeable, very, very bright, daylight visible, decent battery life.

Knog lights are also very popular, lots of people recommend those.

thanks for the advice, for a $7 stuff it can't be with a rechargeable battery, i think almost all tail lights are daylight visible, i didn't get it when you said"puts all the weight on a flimsy bracket that will most likely break if you went over a bump"  btw, a gravity senor switch for laser would be better

Not all lights are daylight visible, not in the sense that it will be conspicuous enough to catch a drivers attention, which is the aim.


Have you watched the first video in the link you posted?  As a primary rear light, they are very poor; their brightness seems to be limited to a very narrow arc (perhaps 10 degrees either side of directly from the rear, i.e. a total of 20 degrees effective brightness. max?). I.e a very mono-directional light source. Watch as the bike turns to the left.   Unless a car is actually behind you, these lights will not do much.

And a Chris points out the road 'laser' lines are a waste of time on brightly lit roads, and a driver wont' see them. You get what you pay for...

Love my knogs, bright, multi-directional, and soooo-easy to take of and swap between bikes....


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