Hey there, am building a Junior Road bike for a nephew who wants to get into road riding. I sourced 2 junior 24" steel framed bikes and have used the best parts off both (plus better bits I had lying around) to build one road bike. My question is on wheels. I was lucky to have one of the bikes with a fairly good wheelset. They have 24x1 3/8th tyres on them which are easy to get as they are wheelchair tyres. Going forward can I change them to 24x1 on the same hoops? Do I need to buy new rims? Where the hell can you buy new wheels from for this frame?

I am handing him the bike the way it is at the moment (fully built of course) but I know down the track he will want to go faster and those heavy steel wheels will need to go.

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The finished bike.

cool bike build - ceres in coberg has a hands on bike workshop,they are very friendly and probably have what you need ...


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