Hi guys,

My name is Michael.  you seem to have some knowledge of the Phillips e-bike. My friend has just bough a second hand Phillips model.  It looks very much like a small motor scooter. I problem I am trying to correct is the lighting system which has some blown globes. They are marked 40v3w.  I have never heard of these. So just reading you comments I suspect the system is probably 48 volt. Do you know where one can purchase these.  The bulbs are a two contact push in spade type similar to what I have seen on motor cycles and the dash lights of the modern cars.  Any help you can provide would be appreciated. My friend lives in Warrnambool. Michael

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Try E-bay and do a search

Hi Michael,

Does the bulb look like this? See Ebay link below?


Let me know if you are able to purchase via Ebay from your end. If not, I'm more than happy to purchase this from my end and somehow get it to you. Ebike riders are like family, we help one another where we can :-)



Thanks Nick you have got it exactly. I should be able to do the rest now that I have located a source and I notice they take Paypal. I must admit I did not know this stuff existed. Thanks for you assistance.  Michael

No worries, Michael. Let me know if you need any more help, etc :-) I find Ebay very useful for all ebike accessories, I've built 3 ebikes purchasing components from overseas using Ebay.


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