To paraphase someone else: weather like this gives a woman a mighty thirst.

What's your fave non-alcoholic drop? Or do you go straight for the malty amber extract?

Anyway, mine's the good stock standard lemon, lime and (Angostura) bitters. Made fresh thankyou, none of this premix bottled fizzy muck.

Failing that, water.

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A lemon, lime & bitters would go down well right about now. Do you deliver, Chris? ;-)

I typically go straight for the cold water on a day like this, and I'm sure I'll slam down quite a few glasses of it when I get home after today's commute.

On hot days like these I'll often reach for a lager in the evening... probably an Asahi tonight, methinks.
Delivery? Looking at my handheld anemometer, it's 41.5C in the shade here in leafy Hawthorn. Which means no home deliveries this arvo. Sorry. ;)

I'm partial to the Blokes homebrew, although I quite like Singha. A crisp amber brew that goes very nicely with Asian dishes or a curry.

Or beer.


Beer. Or if that's not
Agree with Oz, beer is more than a breakfast food, you can have it any time!

Beer. and too much of it.

for non-alco i'm a big fresh Milk fan

Buderim Ginger in mineral water with a slice of lime :)
Red slurpees :-)

I love the Buderim Ginger refresher too.


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