I am a school teacher in Reservoir Melbourne and I have in the past asked people from Bike Victoria that are looking to donate bikes to consider giving them to our school or myself. I then fix them up and pass them on to some of our more needy students.

It has been great and many students have become keen cyclists out of this program.

If you are looking to upgrade and don't know what to do do with your old bike that is still ok, then I would be happy to help find a home for it. I will come and pick the bike up get it serviced, if it is needed then pass it on one of the many needy students at our school.

Please don't hesitate to e-mail if you are interested

Thanks John Ross.  

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Hi Ross,

Your bike program sounds great. I work at Darebin Council as the Sustainable Transport Officer and we're always keen to support cycling in schools. We run a couple of programs - we can supply bike stands, help teachers to do Bike Ed training and offer other support depending on the school. We're also looking at doing more in Reservoir, so would be interested in ways to support your program.

I also wondered if you knew about the Reservoir Men's Shed, let me know if you would like a contact there.


My contact details are email: che.sutherland@darebin.vic.gov.au, phone: 8470 8665, let me know if any of the above is of interest, or if you think there are ways we can work with you.



Che Sutherland

Sustainable Transport Officer



Msge for John Ross re Donation of Bikes:

We live in Camberwell and have 2 second hand bikes in VG condition which our children have outgrown. We are very happy to donate these bikes to others more needy, however, we dont have any way of delivering them to you and they would need to be collected.

Should you wish to pick them up, please contact us to arrange collection. Many thanks.

M Acutt


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