Diversion around Polly Woodside/South Wharf Precinct


Please read this if you are a cyclist who uses the pedestrian/cycle path around the South Wharf area.

The Polly Woodside is Melbourne's heritage ship, located in the Duke's Dock in the South Wharf/MCEC precinct. The ship is undergoing restoration works to her masts, yards and rigging throughout this year which will necessitate the use of a crane which will impact the shared pedestrian/cycle path.

The first period where we will have a crane on site will be Thursday 2nd March and Friday 3rd March.

The crane will enter the area from the Clarendon street access (the front entrance of the MCEC Exhibition Centre or ‘Jeff’s Shed’ as many people know it) between 0600 and 0700 and set up on the west side of the Duke’s Dock. The crane will cease work around 1530 -1600 and move to its overnight storage position on the east side of the Polly Woodside visitors centre (off the shared pedestrian/cycle path).

Whilst the crane is located on the west side of the Duke’s Dock, the shared pedestrian/cycle path will be blocked off and pedestrians and cyclists will be diverted up the ramp. Cyclists will need to dismount to go up the ramp and then may rejoin the shared path at the southern end of the dock. The diagram below explains the controlled area.

We appreciate your patience during these essential works to remove the masts, yards and rigging of the Polly Woodside for refurbishment and renewal. 

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Please be advised that the next crane visit that will result in the diversion of pedestrians and cyclists will be Wednesday 26th April, with the 27th and 28th held in reserve in case of bad weather.




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