Anyone riding their bike in the earthquake ?

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Didn't feel a thing here, I was too busy getting stuff organised for the Roobaix. When I went upstairs the wife asked me if I felt the tremor.

Looks like the epicenter was in the Moe area and registered 5.2.

My other half was riding back from the Bike Maintenance and Repair TAFE Course at NMIT that he is doing, and didn't feel a thing. Perhaps he didn't do a good repair job and the bike was too bouncy?

Was rehearsing with my band, The Collectables. Never felt a thing. Obviously, we're too loud to be measured in dB SPL, we're measured on the richter scale! How rock'n'roll is that?! ;-)

I didn't feel it. The other 3 in the house did though.

Here at Grovedale Geelong we never felt any think


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