For those not too familiar the header refers to an 80s Aussie movie with Sam Neill, John Clarke & Zoe Carides, a dark comedy set in that fair Suburb.

Returning home to the latter after a lovely ride in Carlton I came home via Union Street where I live. Anyone who cycles down that street knows that it is a shit heap of potholes & lumps & bumps I keep out a bit to avoid the worst of it ( in May I hit a pothole there fracturing & dislocating my elbow ). 

Well the cars go ballistic trying to get past you at any cost, accelerating like crazy only to come to the next one of many speed bumps . This is a closely settled residential area with lots of young families, pedestrians, cyclists etc. Union St is 50 kph & should be 40 like the streets that feed into it . I think it should be 40 as well. 

The main motoring culprits seem to be testosterone-fuelled thugs in their black sports cars, tradies & the general run of the mill, garden variety bogans in their 4 x 4s . I hate them, they're so cowardly and moronic.

Having moved here recently after having lived in Yarra which has such a great bicycle infrastructure has been a rude shock. I don't think  Moreland can claim much green cred. at all considering the disgustingly inadequate provision it makes for cyclists who must stat. in as a high proportion of the commuting population.

And by the way, that pothole that felled me is still there despite my making a complaint to the T.A.C. All it would take is a shovel full of hotmix & 5 minutes.

Anyone else out there less than happy with cycling conditions in Brunswick ? Talk to me or better still, talk to your local Councillor or MP.


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is the pothole still there? I'm way up near the cnr of Melville and Albion, but I sometimes ride the bike path that uses part of Union st and can concur that its pretty crazy busy

There is a small cycling movement in Melbourne that does its own road fixes. I don't know them, but they have been known to fill in a hole. This is actually what happens in many parts of the world where there is no money for such things - we used to do this when I lived in West Africa. Here it would be because we gave up waiting for the council. Grassroots action. 

Thanks for that information; A point I made in my previous comment was
that we have to keep at the body who should be maintaining our roads
by soliciting our elected local/state members to do their job. The
pothole in Watson Street that caused my broken arm was on record with
the TAC ( Transport Accident Commission ) , but this was not enough
for some boxwallah to get on the phone and order a bucket of hotmix to
be applied to it.I daresay that in west African countries citizens
would have to resort to patching up their own bits of road. The state
of provision for cyclists in Moreland does put me in mind of 3rd world
conditions in fact. If anyone from Moreland City Council should be
reading this, I have a further comment to make regarding the above :
I found out after the event that you hosted a forum last Saturday to
listen to public comment regarding the planning of bicycle
infrastructure . I cycle every day in Brunswick and go to bike
retailers and saw or heard nothing of this event , so suggest you get
serious about publicizing such occasions.


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