Hi All, I am a keen cyclist who has taken the sport up again after years of raising a son and a  supporting family man. Since getting back into riding i have enjoyed every kilometer and drops of sweat that has been all worth for my well being.

When i took up riding back in the late 90s i found road cycling very socal and other roadies friendly and engaging. These days on the road i find other roadies snobs and arrogant and the best is when they go out of their way to ignore you. I have had others talk about this snobery and most of them are not from Melbourne and they all think we are a bunch of snobs.

I Have been at traffic lights with other roadies and not even a hello or acknowledgement like you dont excist and i dont expect for them to have a chat or get to know people because i know their doing there own thing, but cycle courtesy is laking on our roads and society aswell. 

I have seen it in cycling groups that are on facebook saying how they except everyone and we dont leave anyone behind and a social group all about meeting new people. I dont want to name these groups and i have been on a couple of group rides  and i can honestly say that it wasnt a great time i had. They do the opposite to what they mention on their site. When your the new person on the ride its always about giving it a chance, but if the bad vibe is their its not for you.

Iam not judgeing all cycle groups into one negative pot & i have met some really nice people since i took cycling back up but i want to let people know if you have experienced this snobery as a cyclist in Melbourne.

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Have not really noticed it myself. Quite often chat at lights and always get an acknowledgement and a good morning from many cyclists I pass on bike paths. Maybe it is a road cycling thing not sure. But also I don't cycle with groups as such.


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