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In my experience there are already plenty of "reasonable" bike travel options in this area.  I would have thought there are many areas of Melbourne that are more in need of bike Infrastructure than these sections. 

Seems to me it's an add-on to a motorist project, rather than an analysis of actual critical cycling infrastructure needs.

Have a look at the NEBC post:

The analysis is detailed and the large amount of work put into it by BBUG has resulted in an outcome for cyclists. Over five hundred people signed the petition.

It's certainly a good win for BBUG and no one here would object to a bike infrastructure spend!

For those not using these routes however, I'd always wonder what good you could have done with a more widespread program of works for that sum of money.

At the end of the day, it's never enough and we will usually start with the squeaky wheel.

thanks for replies,part of my curiosity here is the spending which on the bug site states 30m,which is now stated at 70m - that seems an awful lot of cash for a shortish cycle way.the danger being that this amount of spend may be used as a foil against future projects ...

My thoughts exactly.

good,as a new comer to both melbourne and this group i didn't want to speak out of turn - however with experience with cycle infrastructure spending in the uk,you do not get 30/70m from 500 signatures.
i do think that the spending should come from the overall budget of the works and not from a quotable " cycling " budget.maybe it's also some form of appeasement for an already world famous road project !!!

@ Peebug

The $70 million is meant to cover all the works the Government says it will build. BBUG estimated the cost for the NEBC at $30 million, which includes 50% for contingencies. $30 million is a mere pittance and extremely good value for money. Another four thousand trips along the freeway corridor for the tenth of the price of the motorised vehicle trip. Plus the $30 million is spread over the projected build time of the tunnels (assuming they get built) - say $6 million a year.

And yes 500 signatures is only part of the equation!

In summary BBUG surveyed the route, researched supportive data and did the cost estimates. Did the work on the web site, organised the NEBC graphics and petition. Paid for printing costs, etc. Developed the presentation and presented it to the East West Link assessment committee. Met with any number of State politicians from all sides. Likewise local Councillors in different Councils, various sustainable transport officers, town planners, traffic engineers and consultants. Communicated with any number of people that had some sort of interest in the project. Wrote to over a hundred Cycling Sports Clubs. Met directly with many members from other BUGs via VicBUG. Accosted bike riders on the route, in person, presenting our case. Met with the Linking Melbourne Authority, DTPLI, VicRoads and the Bicycle Network. Such that we probably have been involved in close to, if not more than thirty meetings.

Rather than people having to expend considerable energy on promoting their projects we need:

  • A Minister responsible for bike infrastructure - bike riding is transport.
  • A realistic annual budget - suggest $100 million
  • A clear strategy with actions and timelines - with a complete revision of the Public Bicycle Network (PBN) plan
  • Genuine consultation with interested parties
  • An accountable Governmental Agency responsible for implementation - suggest VicRoads
  • The Agency to have some sort of veto powers over Vic Track, local Councils, Park Vic, Melb Water, power transmission line companies, etc; in order to progress routes at any location.
  • Add your own requirement here


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