I will  be coming to Melbourne for a short stay soon. Is the route described on Bikely  http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Melbourne-Airport-to-Docklands... suitable to ride from and to Melbourne airport? I have looked at this route using Google Earth and their seems to be a gate or fence at the airport end. Any advise would be appreciated.



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This is my favourite route, honed by doing a long distance relationship between Hobart and Melbourne for 18 months before moving here. Traffic can be a little heavy, but there are loads of cycle lanes and it's quick and direct, setting down in the heart of the city.
I've also used this route, too. It's a little more scenic and less trafficked than the industrialised Keilor Rd.
I've been using most of this route to cycle commute to the city for many years now. Mainly bike lanes these days which is a big improvement. Be careful at the Mount Alexander Rd/Flemington Rd/CityLink junction - it can get messy (use the pedestrian crossings if concerned).

I'm also keen to hear about people's opinions on routes between Melbourne Airport and the city. I've just moved to Melbourne and my bike is still up in Sydney. Planning on picking it up over a weekend (excuse to see the folks again) and ride it back once landed. Any tips?

Why not ride it back from Sydney?!

The airport is changing a lot! It's been a few months since I last experienced it for myself, so I can't say what it is like now to ride through.

Generally speaking though, Melrose Drive (to Airport West Westfield Shopping Town) is/was alright for people comfortable riding on-road.Mathews Avenue can be hair raising, or, umm, even skin grazing or worse. :(   (I did actually ride that very recently and was being wary of vehicles due to stories of happenings along there.) Keilor Road was ok, bit busy around Mathews Avenue intersection, what, with the shops there. Mt Alexander Rd is ok (what the heck was happening there today with all the police outside the nursery??).

Another route more favoured for recreational riding would be via Woodlands Historic Park, which has a sandy or gravel path through it, and onto Moonee Ponds Creek Trail which does have a few bad sections but is generally ok. I am not aware if the gate from Marker Rd (airport) to Woodlands Historic Park has been made more accessible, however.

A third route would be Keilor Park Drive (goes past Brimbank Park) and onto the Steele Creek Path and/or Maribyrnong River Trail.

You've made me realise I need to do a few recon rides in the area! :)


That is the basic route we had friends from the states ride to our house on when they came to visit us in 2008.

I was just up that way a month or 2 ago, there is a detour involving a good climb to cross over the western ring road.

Construction on the road has closed the path under the hiway.

An update on this route: 


Works really well. At the point where Marker Road ends there are 3 massive signs saying 'private property trespassers prosecuted' - but the gate allows pedestrians through. I think it's designed to stop rubbish dumping. It's gravel for 2km before becoming asphalt. The route can be confusing at times but once you're on the main trail google cycling directions will take you all the way to the city. The ring road diversion is gone. It's very pretty too! 


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