When I first started to train with a serious cyclist a long time ago one of the first rules I learned was never pass another rider on their left. If this had to be done for whatever reason it needed to be negotiated.

This happens to me all the time . My main fear while commuting is being "doored"and for that reason I keep as far right as is safe regarding moving traffic. This seems to be an open invitation for certain cyclists to pass me on the inside. There are several other situations where the same thing happens. I fear these people are oblivious to the fact that are committing one of the Cardinal Sins of bike riding . One's left side is sacred; it is your bailout option when difficulty arises with passing motor traffic.( one should be able to use it as a safe haven )

Also when turning left one should not have to look to see if another rider is passing them on the left at that moment.

I have had some hairraising experiences of giving clear hand signals to turn left only to see just in the nick of time, that someone is coming through . Truly frightening !


In parenthesis - this practice is simply NOT F.....G DONE !

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One of the riding challenges.. keep to the left, but not too far left to get doored, or have pedestrians step out between cars.

Then people might think it's OK to pass on the left; which generally it's not.

The number of dickheads has become statistically significant.


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