Six weeks ago I was travelling home at about 6 o'clock on whitehorse Rd, Balwyn and a car pulled out from a side street and I T-boned is at about 35kph.


I woke up in the back of an ambulance with a boken collarbone & cheekbone, suffering concusion etc. 2 Days in hospital, and an operation to correct my face.


Yesterday I got back on a bike for the first time to start riding to work again!


Thanks to:


Deepdene Surgery

Ambulance Service

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Boroondara Police Station


No thanks to:


RACV (the driver's insurer)


I got 2 quotes from bike shops, as recommended by Bicycle Victoria

They had to pick up my bike to get it 'assessed'

Then they depreciated all my gear, (except the helmet) - with a self-nominated (i.e. random) depreciation. (They didn't want me to benefit from the accident!)

Bike 33% Clothing 10%


But what really upset me, is how they used EBAY to price my Rudy Project glasses at less than 25% of their value from 2 separate quotes.


Only with a generous gift voucher from my colleages at work, I was able to get everything I needed to ride again.


RACV managed to save themselves a few dollars, but negative publicity must be worth something...


But I'm back, and loving it!



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Ah, insurance companies, gotta love how they keep premiums low ..


Although it's wonderful to read you're back on the steed & that your work colleagues are so supportive. Ya!
Watch out for the new chrome Bianchi Pista - on a street near you!
Have you spoken with BV again?

I mean... it sounds like it's all done and dusted. However... I think that valuation could be challenged.

And, IIRC, there is NO compulsion for them to see your bicycle. Quotes should be enough, (although IANAL).
I had a similar thing with a car crash claim against the person who reversed into my parked car.
I rejected the insurers offer and went back to the person who ran into me and said sorry, but your insurer is no good, you'll have to pay... Next thing I got a changed attitude from the insurance company and they repaired my car. Same crap with the visit to their assessment centre though.
Your claim is against the person who pulled out in front of you, not the insurer... they are just a big company who bluff you into accecpting the rules that they make up.
It wasn't the mob you mention, but I have two reasons why I have not been a member of them for the past 10 years...

Good to hear you're back on your bike.

Cheers, Chris
Blimey Michael that must have been just after the last time I saw you. Good to see you are back on the bike again, I hope the broken bones and surgery are not too long lasting.
Sorry to hear that you did not get compensated properly by the drivers insurer certainly a lesson for us all to take note of.
I am always looking out for you but I suspect Canterbury road is not your common route any more, plus if you are looking for me I am not driving the Yellow Pregio any more. I have been considering making up a Melbourne Cyclist or some sort of cycling sticker for the rear of the new work truck.
I will be using Canterbury Rd more, I suspect, as the 'incident' happened on Whitehorse Rd...
I have a white helmet now - and a killer front light + some disco lights in the wheels! My lights were adequete before, but I figure there is no upper limit to safety.
...and no lower limit to "stupidity blindness" so brightness, colour and movement in your lighting is essential.

and a big plus 1 on congrats for getting back on the bike, it can be hard after an experience like that.

(BTW, come the revolution, insurance assessors will be the first against my wall to be shot ;-)
G'day Michael, pretty impressive to get back on the bike. How many of these accidents happen? I've been involved with one where the car didn't see three of us, missed me but hit my mate throwing him over the bonnet and roof - landed on his back, somehow no fractures, but he's never really enjoyed riding again.

And of course it can be so much worse - we've got a local cyclist, Jodie Ridges, still in hospital since being hit on 19 March. Same situation, the car failed to give way, didn't see her. Massive head injuries, unlikely to fully recover.

We're organising a ride to help support her husband and four kids - I've posted it under 'Events' here at Melbourne Cyclist, so if you feel like a drive up to Shepp on 15 August for some fresh air and no traffic, let me know. Stay safe.
That your friend doesn't feel the same joy is understandable, Kelvin, but it's possible to help him find the sweet spot again. Surround him with cycling friends on safe routes to good coffee and cake. Blind idiots can nail us crossing the road to catch a tram, or even when we're driving, this kind of prang isn't exclusive to cycling.

it's not the cycling that's dangerous, it's certain drivers. By "modeling" safe, friendly cycling regularly, you may be able to help rebuild his pleasure in cycling. Makes me angry when thoughtless driving takes a person's cycling pleasure away. I hope he can rediscover the pleasure one day.
I suppose I have been pretty fortunate, I have been riding every day to work from the easten suburbs for about 15years, generally between 18k & 23k each way (I have lived in different areas over that time) and until now, I have never broken a bone, never been unconcious or in an ambulance etc. Plenty of grazes in the first year, but experience helps a lot. I estimate I cover approx 10 thousand K's a year.
That said, my next incident could be tonight as I ride home. You never know. Always vigilant!
Even this morning we had a stupid P-plater get aggressive and very close, clipping a mate, who thankfully didn't fall off. This is at 6.30 in the morning! Why? Stupid, ignorant, who knows? Then we rode past a body on the road - (Punt Rd this morning) - a pedestrian, apparently got impatient with traffic, and paid for it with his life...
Did you get his number? P-Platers can sometimes get "special" treatment when reported for aggressive behaviour against other road users ;-)

Also, it's often overlooked as you deal with the problem, and can be easy to get angry back, but I try to vent my anger by shouting the number plate loudly instead of (well, as well as :-) swearing. Can help companions remember it, too, and makes for a stronger case.

Good luck for many more years without mishap from now on. May the prang become a glitch in a lifetime of happy cycling.
I read about that pedestrian in the news, apparently the guy decided take a shortcut by crossing away from the lights....and climbing over the hitch between a truck and trailer. He was still climbing when the lights changed and the truck started off. You've got to wonder what goes through some peoples heads, on what planet would that be a good idea?


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