Well I did it.  I finally got one.  A Cargo Tricycle straight from China.  Or should I say a box of bits to asemble. You need to know how to put together a basic bike.  Quality isn't fantastic, but I reckon it looks great.

If you want to hear more about it, let me know.

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Hey Peter, congrats, I bought a Chinese Rickshaw and the only advice I can give you is don't over tighten the bolts they supply coz the ones they gave me were rubbish and threaded straight away. I replaced all the bolts and nuts with quality hardened steel. Never had a problem since I did that.

Did you get it from Alibada?

PS I got a box full of bits when it came too.

Will,  Good to hear you got a good one.   I think I got a lemon.  I spent a few hours assembling it.  I noticed that the crank axle had LH threads on both sides !!!  Sat on the seat, my knees hit the handle bars, no great issue, that could be fixed.  I rode about 20m, then ripped the rear stays out of the bottom bracket.  The weld didn't break, but the metal adjacent to the weld ripped open.  Looks like crappy steel. 

Now it's time to start scratching the head on what to do.

Sounds like a few dilemmas I went through aswell. Not the same but similar things happened with their steels structural integrity. To the point where my brother in law and myself re-welded a lot of the frame and fixture bolts. I even customised the front forks as they bent under load.

I was lucky because my Brother in law has a welding cert and the gear. Really feel for you as we had to do all this work 3 days before the wedding. Was pulling my hair out.

Maybe have a chat with Gripsport about getting those bits repaired and maybe rewelding the other spots so this doesn't happen again, ie re-inforcing the weak points.

Quality assurance in many Chinese factories means a lot different to what it does here.

Yeah - getting the 'persuader' out a few times, (and/or the dremel, the file, pliars and in your case, unfortunately a welder) comes with the territory.  Even Golden Pigeons, who are generally well-regarded and will last forever once together, can take some 'finessing' to make whole in the first place.

Hope it comes together for you.

Ain't that the truth?

A mate brought his Golden Pigeon over for some adjustments. Those cotter pin cranks were rubbish and the pedals were worse. We did some mods and got her going but was shocked at the quality of parts.

Have seen those Golden Pigeons sold here at a real premium, which concerns me. After my trip to India I saw heaps of Avons, BSAs and Hercules bikes that are being sold here as Classic bikes. They are considered the cheapest bikes to buy in India and cost very little there as they are the most basic bikes they build for the masses. I have seen them being sold here for $600+. They are tanks but same issue is their quality.

Quality assurance???  How about the shaft in the bottom bracket with LH threads on both sides.

Oh and PS, if you have the long chain from the crank to the rear wheels get yourself a chain tensioner as under heavy load, ie pushing hard on the pedals, the chain slips off the rear axle sprocket. I tried to adjust the chain as straight as possible but it still happened all the time I pushed hard.

Thanks for the tips Will.  I don't thinnk rewelding will solve my problem with the bottom bracket.  The metal looks like crap.  I reckon if I reweld it then it will just fail somewhere else.  Might be a rebuild of the frame / chassis.

Re the chain, I was thinking of a rear diff with a cluster.  That would do away with the alignment and slip problem.  (And I bet introduse a whole heap of other problems. 

How long have you had the Rickshaw?

Had the rickshaw over a year now. It still runs beautifully after all the fixes. Sorry to hear that it might be a full rebuild.

The cluster idea sounds good but not sure if you could fix one to it. Mine came with a sleeve that the cog was fixed to and it had a locking bolt (which we replaced) that fixed it to the drive axle.

Maybe still have a chat with Gripsport, they might be able to come up with a fix for you. Rebuilding the basic frame sounds like a huge job.

The other choice is to contact the seller and ask him to ship another frame at his own charge, send photos to them of the breaks.

Hi Will.  Thanks for the tip.  I am going to stick with my original. At least for a while.  I told them what happened and they have made a new front frame, extra strong.  We will see.  It is due here Wed, Thurs.  A good little Easter project.

Great to hear. Hope it all works out for you.


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