Capital City Trail closure: Zoo/Royal Park Area

Discovered last night that the Capital City Trail is closed for (looks to be re-tarmac/re-surfacing?) work in Royal Park, from Poplar Rd/Royal Park Station to half way to Manningham St (the bottom of the hill/footbridge).

I think the detour is (heading east) to get of at Manningham St->Oak St>Poplar Rd.

Definitely needs some kind of flashing warning light eastbound.

Map of closure (red) and my guessed detour (blue) attached.

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Thanks for the heads-up for that section. I've noticed many sections of the Capital City Trail from there over towards Rushall Station have been/are being improved.

Your suggested detour is ok, certainly for riders who are comfortable on road (Poplar Rd), Oak St has a path for most of it. An alternative might be to the south of the railway line, though there could be one or two hairy places on that path (which I'm not even sure is lawful for cycling!).

@Spike Hair: there is a reason the 'legal' detour I've shown is my 'guessed'; I may have taken another route.....  ;D

Old news to most, but this is now finished/reopened.

Yeah.  I was most impressed with it when we zoomed down there during the Roobaix.  The widened section in Brunswick/Nth Carlton and the link with Scotchmer park were all great!


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