Hi All,

I'm visiting Melbourne in a few weeks (from Radelaide, yes it is rad for cycling, just not for selling track bikes). Can anyone recommend some good bike shops that sell/stock track bikes? And not hipster fixies, want a proper track bike for the velodrome.

Thanks heaps!

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I hope your stay in Melbourne turns out to be even Radier!

You could try some local clubs like Coburg or Carnegie Caulfield cycling club. They will point you in the right direction. I believe you can also use some of their bikes. I don't race track so this is the best advise.



For starters .... 

Saint Cloud

Freedom Machine

Kookie Bikes



Some of the ones mentioned here seem to be more fashion orientated; for a real track bike try De Ver in Fairfield. The house brand colour puts me off a bit but I think they carry others too. Otherwise ask around at DISC velodrome if you get up there; Ivanhoe cycles say they've got some too. Where will you be based? I'm sure plenty of bike shops can help you but not all carry stock as track bikes are a small niche (as opposed to trendy fixies & S/S's). Email the Brunswick cycling club or Carnegie Caulfield club as they both do track & someone will know.
Thanks for all the advice. I'll check out De Ver, yes their colours scheme is a bit crazy. I'll contact the track club. I can travel all over Melbourne, that's what parents cars are for, so am pretty flexible. :)
Rock along to DISC in Darebin on a Sunday morning & use the club bikes - for $10 you can do their training/intro session & have a chat with people & I'm sure they can help out - Brunswick CC use it from 8am to 11am, then the masters (who are fast, don't worry about their age!) then I think the Carnegie/Caulfield mob in the afternoon. All are friendly & will answer any questions & will let you have a ride.

The White De Ver bikes look better than the green ones!  Also, Blackburn CC run a track training on Friday Nights if Sundays dont suit.



Cool, I'd better bring my stuff over. Got some good leads, thanks everyone, enjoy your riding!
Good Luck with your track purchase, can't wait to see it on the track
Thanks, I'll LOOK out for you


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