Deals Direct have a cheap pulley hanger for storing bikes. Not a bad way to store bikes if you have high ceilings or the bike corner of your garage is full already.


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Looks similar to the pair we got at Aldi. Not game enough to hang a MTB or hefty commuter daily driver off them yet.

I did.  Have done.

Useful for maintenance of bikes too, if you don't have a bike stand.  (Or, your bike is a cargobike and you want to suspend just the rear, coz you'd need a forklift to lift the thing) ;)

They're 20kg rated. That'd hang a Greenspeed trike. (Well, if a Greenspeed trike weren't such an awkward bastard of a thing to hang balanced. ;-) 


My 1993 Giant Iguana (chromoly) only weighs 18kg with front and rear racks, empty panniers and full lighting rig. :-)

Funny I just brought one of these to hang my bike from the ceiling in my walk in wardrobe, wife got sick of my bike in the lounge room, putting it up on the weekend!


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