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I am will be coming to Melbourne in the next couple of months from Brisbane and wanting to know the best coffee shops for cyclists. I appreciate any help on this and look forward to doing some cycling around the beautiful Melbourne streets. Thank you

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Hi Laith

Welcome to Melbourne!

Don't know where you're going to be hanging out, but if you're in the North, you absolutely can't go past Ray's Cafe in Victoria St Brunswick  - which now has an on-street parking bay for cyclists only - and just around the corner is Commuter Cycles, where you can get your bike serviced.


Doesn't get much better than that!






Hi Richard,

Thank you for the information i will definitely add that one to my list.






Personally, I heartily recommend Seven Seeds just north of CBD (it's where I get my beans too), and Human Powered Cafe in Norfcote.

Thank you very much appreciated.
It's is 'Northcote' btw, but the mispronunciation is a bit of an in-joke.
Thx mate, collect your free coffee during your next visit.

Hey Laith, it depends where you are.


HPC in Northcote is good (already mentioned)

Montmorency Were St Cafe (The middle one)

Or, Walkers Wheels in Para Rd Montmorency - but you'll have to laugh at Marcus's jokes to get a coffee.


Cafe Beaz in Healsville is cool too


I rarely venture anywhere else.



If your doing some rides outside the CBD...Check out COG Bike cafe in Mt.Evelyn. This is on the Warby Trail. Great coffee & terrific homemade muffins.

Thank you to all of your helpful replies we are looking forward to trying all of the above recommended shops.


Thanks again.

Hi, add Mitte in cycle friendly Fitzroy North too.  Saturday mornings are good.




Hi Laith & welcome. I just posted this on my website on Saturday -  www.melbournebybike.com

Top 5 Bike-Friendly Cafes

For a pre or post-ride fuel stop, peddle your way to and park your wheels at Melbourne's best bike-friendly cafes.


1. Little Mule Cycle Co Pty Ltd|| 19 Somerset Place. Melbourne. Ph: (03) 9670 4904. thelittlemule.com.

Offering every bike accessory you’d want and some complete bikes (like ‘Pepe the Little Mule’ or ‘The Cult’) they’ll build a bike to your liking on-site or you can design one online. Advantage of the former? The on-site café. Down a laneway and out from under a black and white stripped awning (reminiscent of the namesake zebra) team a Mule Melt toasty with a malted choc milkshake, Lt Marionette Diego blend coffee or superfood smoothie.

2. Cog Bike Café || 4 Clancy Rd. Mount Evelyn. Ph: (03) 9736 4999. cogbikecafe.com.au.

A great one off the beaten track, Cog Bike café is run by a well-travelled, bike-loving duo Libby and Damo. From their quaint red shed, they hire and repair bikes and offer simple healthy food and great Japser coffee for bikes fresh off the Warby (that’s the Warburton) Trail. Renowned for their Cog-baked muffins – our pick’s the ‘20k’ with carrot, apple, coconut, sultanas and cream cheese topping!

3. Human Powered Café. 562 High St. Thornbury. Ph: (03) 9480 0848.

Tell us you can’t have one without the other – bicycle with coffee and food or no bicycle and visa versa. We agree. Perfect for a pre/post ride fuel up, pull up a comfy lounge chair and order lunch. Maybe the daily special, a toasted focaccia (‘The Bill’ comes with roast veggies, pesto, cheese and olives) or a cheap slice of that vegan banana bread – at $3 its absolutely divine. Social Roasting Company coffee is great too!

4. Seven Seeds. 106 Berkeley St. Carlton. Ph: (03) 9347 8664.

Renowned specialty coffee roastery and cafe hidden away in a Carlton warehouse. A fondness for bikes is clear as vintage ones adorn the walls on hooks. A favorite with students, ride your bike, hanging it indoors on the wall before enjoying fine coffee, a hot pressed sandwich on Dench bread or a breakfast of French toasted brioche or glass of bircher muesli. Now for the ride home…

5. Penny Farthing Espresso || 206 High St. Northcote. Ph: (03) 9482 2246. pennyfarthingespresso.com.

Named after the classic, odd-looking bike, the menu here is indescribably good. Try this for a post-ride breakfast – the ‘Smash’ stars Danish feta & avocado smashed together with fresh basil and mint, all on organic Dench sourdough with lashings of chilli and oil. Alongside equally fab dinner and lunch are an array of bike-themed coffee cocktails. The namesake ‘Penny Farthing Espresso’ mixed Fernet Branca, Kahlua, PFE blend double ristretto, crème de cacao, cinnamon and egg white while the ‘Ginger Mini-bike’ stars ginger beer and triple sec with a floated double ristretto! They do say caffeine is the secret to endurance!


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