Well it is spring and it looks like one bird has realised it.

Went for a spin this morning along Burwood Highway and turned North into Stud Road Wantirna. Heading North in Stud Road I had just past the shopping centre and heard a familiar crack in my right ear. Obviously having a go at my ear. 

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Awesome shot, how did you capture that? Helmet mounted video cam?

Sorry Alex,

no idea where the photo was taken (google image search) but I expect if I did have the camera the other way i may have seen something like this.

My detective work reveals that that 'pie pic was taken in New Lambton, NSW. A Newcastle suburb.

These feathered friends pose a widespread problem.

Maybe this is the fellow:

Copped it again today at the intersection of George and Terrara roads in Vermont South.
I have been cycling in this area for many years 30+ but never had this many hits in a couple of days. I think I will put one of my cameras pointing to the rear so Alex, with some luck I will have some video. Don't really want to adorn the helmet with cable ties but may have no choice.

Hi guys,

went for a ride today McKimmies road Bundoora across NMIT and yes swooped twice, cable ties I think.



Ok, I live in the Ferntree Gully area, thanks for the alert.

Happily (for the birds and us) the swooping season doesn't last too long. I was swooped (actually harassed) on Saturday morning, in Argyle Road, near Royston Crt in Kew--I saw its shadow and thought magpie, but my companions saw a raven--first time for me.

I'm sure Melb Cyclist members already know that all native birds are (rightly) protected, so don't get too excited with vengeful thoughts. If you need to travel a different way or wear cable ties, eye-stickers--do whatever it takes not to get hurt and continue to enjoy being part of what's left of our natural world.

Go here for more info

Great photo. I don't get the cable tie thing - you're wearing a helmet for Chrissakes! :-)

Apparently if you paint eyes on the back of your helmet they wont attack (because they like to swoop from behind).

I also posted this one as well. This one also demonstrates the eyes on the back of your head myth: http://www.melbournecyclist.com/video/magpies-are-you-covered

Had a nasty bird have a go on Sunday morning. I thought it was a bit late in the season but no one told this bloke. Time to bring out the Afro wig.
As for the eyes check out the video in this post I made to the site about 3 years ago. http://www.melbournecyclist.com/video/magpie-attack-solution


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