.. well from Victoria are: St Kilda Cycling Club, Damian McCrohan, Healthy Moves Program & chap called Charlie Pickering.

More details on all the Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards nominees & award winners right here

  • Bicycling Achievement of the Year Award - Professional Category
  •    Joint Winner - Fiona MacColl
  •    Joint Winner - Isabel Ross
  • Bicycling Achievement of the Year Award - Honorary Category - Winner - Damian McCrohan
  • Bicycling Organisation/Groups Achievement Award - Winner - St Kilda Cycling Club
  •    Honourable Mention - BMX Australia
  • Local Government Award - Winner - Southern Flinders Regional Tourism Authority (SFRTA)
  • Educational Institution - Winner - Healthy Moves Program
  • Cycling Friendly Business - Winner - Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital Cycle Centre
  • Contribution by a Politician - Winner - Clover Moore MP, Lord Mayor of Sydney
  •    Honourable Mention - Cr Jackie Fristacky, City of Yarra
  • Bicycle Retailer - Winner - Duttons Cycles
  • Special Initiative or Event to Promote Cycling - Winner - Peel Region Cycle Instead Bike Week (PRBW)
  • National Media Award - Winner - Charlie Pickering
  •    Honourable Mention - Lindsay Saunders


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What did Charlie Pickering do?
Charlies' nomination details here: basically being an informed, balanced voice in the mainstream media instead of the typical ranty anti-cycling bollox we're sadly became accustomed to. Remembering back to February, Charlie also MC'ed  the Bike Town forum at the Sustainable Living Festival, listen to the live recording I did for YBR plus large marquee flapping around in the wind.

And, he rides steel ;)


I once listened to Charlie speak quite a great deal of bollocks on the subject, but then I exist on the fringe of accepted bicycle wisdom, and, therefore, very much an irrelevance.
Everyone at some point, talks bollox from time to time. C'est la vie.

I agree with Chris.  I've heard him speak quite eloquently and knowledgeably on bicycles as transport and a via option for commuting.

I've also heard him go hammer and tong pointing the finger etc etc.  

We all have our opinions (and brain farts).  He's in a position where ppl get to hear them.

Man, I talk bollocks all the time. You should feel sorry for my partner; she puts up with it every day of the week.

Anyway, Charlie. Yeah, don't mind him. Essendon supporter. Seems like a nice chap. Well-spoken.  But geez, he did speak a big load of bollocks once. Got me rather fired up, but I won't hold a grudge or anything.

I'm still pretty blown-away I got nominated!  


The winner in my category is well-deserved, I reckon.  Rail trails are a great idea, and open up (again) many areas of the countryside which were once a large part of the Australian experience.  It's like dipping into our heritage.

Massive congrats to Cory on his nomination too!


Well done mate. 

Well done to everyone, nominees and winners. The St Kilda club guy missed an opportunity, he turned up in TFM strip and not his club colours!


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