Has Frome Street bikeway been a “massive failure”? NO
By Bension Siebert
Published by InDaily on 20-Sep-2016

Frome Street bikeway has been a political disaster for the Adelaide City Council – but what does the evidence say about the bikeway itself?
Last week, city councillors declared the $1.6 million Frome Street bikeway had been a “massive failure” and a waste of ratepayers’ money, removing any lingering doubt about the council’s intention to demolish it
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But before jackhammer meets cement, and despite the politics, it must be acknowledged that the bulk of available empirical evidence and expert opinion shows Frome Street bikeway to have been an overwhelmingly successful piece of public infrastructure.
This is clear primarily because an independent expert report, commissioned by the council the day before the official opening of the bikeway [during Velo-city Global Adelaide 2014], made public in 2015, demonstrated myriad merits of the bikeway using empirical data, and comprehensively answered the many of the claims against the bikeway that persist today.
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(Read the 3-page article with more links.)

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