A political party to support cycling and cyclists?  So how many of us think it's time?  That it makes sense?  That we can make a difference?  That we should at least try?

How would we do it?  What do we call it?  Who's ready to be involved?  We need your support!

To be ready for the elections late in 2014 we need to get ready now.  We need 500 registered Victorian voters to be members to get a party registered.  With enough support our intention is for this effort to be rolled out across Australia.

Given the tight time frame we will begin the effort to register a party in both Victoria and NSW beginning this week.  In Victoria things kick off at the Ausbike Bicycle Show this coming weekend and in NSW the following week at the Bike and Lifestyle Show.  We are looking for volunteers for the booths and to help sign up party members at both locations.  Please email your interest to cyclistsparty@go-alliance.net

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It'll be interesting to see how you go. Similar interest in Qld atm as well.

Are you willing to be a member?  Coming to the bike show?

Hi Omar. As said I am Brisbane based but I have taken out a membership today. I will upgrade the membership once I see the direction of the party set and am very keen on more active involvement for Queensland once that move is made.
I do think the stark contrast in the participation of the NSW & VIC threads of the Cyclist forums is an indication of how much more difficult things will be in BN territory for you guys. Much less "advocacy" stonewalling in Qld to contend with I can assure you.


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