2013 Melburn Roobaix Registration and Bicycle Swapmeet.

Hi all,

this Saturday in Abbotsford is a Bicycle Swapmeet  and also a chance to Register for the 2013 Melburn Roobaix.

This year the Roobaix numbers will be limited so if you are keen to register early the Swapmeet is a good chance.

Also FYXO have a few prizes for early registrations to be in the raffle.

See you there!

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Hey Jack, are you riding from your place?

If so what time are you heading off?

Damian is getting here at 07:45 we both need to be back by about 11:30.

No worries. I'll get there by 7:45 if you don't mind me following along.

Follow, you will be out in front!

See you in the morning.

It was a good ride Jack and Damian.

Let me know if you're going to do any 'training' rides.


Nice Pics


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