Hi all,

just an update on the 2012 Melburn Roobaix. Last year it was an interesting time trying to register for the event with the registration server crashing twice due to overloading. This year the organisers are opening registrations a little earlier but yo register early you must do it in person.

Early registrations are this coming weekend March 31 and April1 (just hope it is not an April Fools Stunt, nah they would not do that)

2012 Melburn Roobaix

Hope you are able to get your registration in, planning a ride to South Yarra on Saturday, should be a lot of fun.

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There's a bit more out there now.  (I think a few ppl needed to go to work the next day Jack ;)  )

Here's one that captures quite a bit of the route, as well as some kook in a suit on an orange Dahon 20" folder ;)

Yes there are quite a few extra videos out now Cory. I wonder what the story was at 1:04!

That guy who came down on the watercourse 9:09 must have hit with a thud. I rode that way too and only learned that the wet patches were extremely slippery after I had been over them. I think the wider tyres and no clowning helped me. 

These 2 guys will be one of my vivid memories of the day:

I think he called rolling a tad too late, and was looking the other way.  No probs tho - all :D

I looked at the vision of the presentation and it was viewable. Audio from the PA was shocking (same as last year) Mud wrestling starts at 5 minutes in.


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