Hi all,

just an update on the 2012 Melburn Roobaix. Last year it was an interesting time trying to register for the event with the registration server crashing twice due to overloading. This year the organisers are opening registrations a little earlier but yo register early you must do it in person.

Early registrations are this coming weekend March 31 and April1 (just hope it is not an April Fools Stunt, nah they would not do that)

2012 Melburn Roobaix

Hope you are able to get your registration in, planning a ride to South Yarra on Saturday, should be a lot of fun.

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QSL Chris, I do not have one of those type of hands free mic's. Just loading the cameras in the backpack. For the helmet I have 1X Gopro HD Hero with the second battery attached, front and rear of the bike are 2X Wingman HD Cameras. There is a spare camera and you might like to hang it on your helmet or bike.

See you at the start.

Yeh, all set. Train to Richmond or somewhere scary like that at about 8:20. I'll be on the wireless. Catch you then.


I've registered for this but not going to make it unfortunately. I've had various types of cold and flu for about 4 weeks and it's knocked me about a lot. Was looking forward to coming down for this.

Maybe next year

Sad to hear you will not make it Damian. Weather today is quite cold but according to my weather station no rain in the outer east since yesterday. If the weather holds out it will be a fantastic event.

As for next year Andy has hinted that this will be the last Roobaix, he said the same thing 2 years ago so i am not sure how serious he is.

That's a bugger Damian. Some bloke told me this is going to be the last one.

I  hope you get over your flu soon.

Today is the day. Time to ride to the train and see if I can get a ticket or have to buy a mickey.

Oh, must find some sunnies too.

Made it!  Yay!

(Sack all of those meteorologists too!  Couldn't have got it wrongerer!)

What a great day the weather was perfect. Missed you yet again Cory.

Finally after a long file transfer process the video made it onto Youtube. Youtube are saying my video is a bit shaky and would like to fix it. I expect if I let them and it works the cobbles won't look so mean.

Brilliant work Jack!  And man, you've turned this around quickly!

Thanks Cory,

liked the photo shoot you did. I am surprised that with all the cameras that were on bikes yesterday there is not a lot more vision from the event.

I have  a lot of vision from the presentations but the  camera I used for the handheld shots does not have a zoom function I can zoom in using software but it is not the same as optically doing it. My real camera was on the course (my wife was out cheering on the riders and looking out for two of our  daughters riding) She was planning to come to the velodrome but decided to go home after watching riders hit the Koppenburg.

I will look at the video and if I can get the vision out for some of the presentations I will post another video. I wonder what the two guys wrestling for the dirtiest rider looks like.

Just out of interest the 6 cameras used racked up about 37gb of HD space the Gopro alone took out 20gb. I had a 16gb card in it and that was full when I came off the Koppenburg. I stole a card from another camera and rode the Koppenberg again (jeeez it was tough) A lot of the vision from the Kaiser Baas and 2 Wingman cameras was not great even the Gopro had issues with fogging up in the early stages. Having the double battery on the Gopro made a world of difference, it was not running for the whole event but most of it. 


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