Hi all,

just an update on the 2012 Melburn Roobaix. Last year it was an interesting time trying to register for the event with the registration server crashing twice due to overloading. This year the organisers are opening registrations a little earlier but yo register early you must do it in person.

Early registrations are this coming weekend March 31 and April1 (just hope it is not an April Fools Stunt, nah they would not do that)

2012 Melburn Roobaix

Hope you are able to get your registration in, planning a ride to South Yarra on Saturday, should be a lot of fun.

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cross the river. Thats what the internet was invented for.

I might drive in tomorrow morning.

Hopefully I'll be riding again by June.

Hope you are improving well Chris.

Rode in on Saturday and made the booking. Only issue was following the Gardiners Creek Trail from East Burwood. Saw a nice sign along the way with directions to the Main Yarra and Centenary trails but when we arrived at the Alemain station intersection we were left wondering. From there the trails were very confusing until we were on the Main Yarra Trail. Making the booking was a breeze and on the return trip I turned on for the first time the "navigate to start" feature of the Garmin Forerunner. I must say that it performed perfectly keeping us on track. One wrong turn and by 10m we realised it was the wrong way. Good feature.  

Now the wait until the event.  

You only have until the end of the week to book in person for the Melburn Roobaix. On Friday April 13 at noon the Internet bookings are open it will be interesting to see if the server crashes again like last year.

Thought about getting a Gopro Camera to record this and other events well. Factory Sound in South Melbourne have them on special at the moment but you need to be quick.


Only 2 weeks to go until Melburn is hit with "Roobaix Fever" If you are planning on riding and still have no bike the Melbourne Bike Share offer is on again. If you are not planning to ride but would like to be a part of the event and Heckle or Spectate FYXO have just the accessory for you: MELBURN ROOBAIX Cowbells

Start and preferred spectating locations will be announced here Hope the weather is great on the day looking forward to having the best fun you can have on 2 wheels.

A week to go

And counting......

Damn, need to sort outfits....

Here is a link to the start of the Koppenburg sector for Sundays event 24 Myrnong Cresent Ascot Vale. CREUX Cycling will be there from 12 to cheer the competitors on.

Lots of wet lanes and parks looks like being a great day even if the weather will test a lot of us out. Might need to pack some extra water to keep the camera lenses clear of crud. 


Yeh, that's hard work on my single speed.
Must sort out my outfit.... and get batteries for my hand held wireless.

Chris what mic connection does your radio have if it is one of the 3.5+2.5 types I will bring a hands free mic and earpiece for you. Let me know if you cannot find the radio and I will put in an ICQ7 for you. If should last all day on a battery and is VHF/UHF

Hi Jack, I have my ICQ7 and programmed the two frequencies (only) so it will be easy to use when riding.

I've got an external mic. but it's not hands free. I think it's a 4 band 2.5mm plug/socket set up. (or tip & 3 rings you might say). I also have spare batteries.


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