See below article from The Age, some bright spark thought it clever to spread tacks on the road before a regular bunch ride came through.

I think this proves that Darwin was wrong about evolution.

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Odd article, why include this unrelated detail?

In 2006, 77-year-old pedestrian James Gould died when a cyclist failed to stop at a red light along Beach Road. The cyclist was fined $400.

The incident prompted a new code of conduct formed by Victoria Police and cyclists which came into effect last December.

The Shun article was somewhat more balanced, which bemuses me somewhat. More discussion here.

In regards to the anti-cyclist facebook group that gets a mention, Bike Pride has taken it over as a sub-chapter. Huzzah!
With regards to evolution, I'm sure our tack-flingers aren't going to get very far.

The bit about James Gould is probably the best some subby could do to fill some space.

The Hun as usual does a fine line in righteous indignation - have they taken up the cyclists' cause, or spreading their indignation more indiscriminately?


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