Ive started this group to help facilitate group training rides with a focus of climbing and decending.

The 'Tour de burbs' has been running for years, hopefully through this site other rides can be organized through other areas such as Kinglake, Warrandyte and the Dandenongs.

Melbourne's Beach Road is fantastic for training and a coffee, but does have a habit of creating riders who can power on the flat, but have nothing as soon as there is any kind of gradient.

I will regularly publish details of any rides of varying distances and intensity, to which any keen rider is welcome.

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Is this the same ride as Alpine Tour of the Suburbs or a completely different beastie?
Same ride Chris, just hoping to get some like minded people in a group so some bunch rides can be arranged. I regularly do runs to the dandenongs, kinglake, warrandyte and the yarra valley.

Just getting a little bit sick of beach road. Its funny, you can ride beach road until you become a gun sprinter/rider.. but as soon as a beach road rider hits the hills, its all over.
Where does it start ? Which mornings? And what sort of pace? .... I guess the answer to that is I'll either be dropped or I won't!
Hi, What time and where does it start? I don't think it starts @ 6:30 SBR anymore...

ah yes you are right about beach road,  I have just started riding it to improve my sprinting, so I can be more of an all round cyclist even though I only ride for fun.  but it never hurts to improve.  I know lots of hill rides through the dandenongs and surrounds I would be happy to lead one if you are open to it.   I am not fast though but I can climb.


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