For those of us who use Facebook, please consider sending the admins a message about the existence of this group:

Every time a cyclist is on the road i contemplate running them down

Description: A group dedicated to the hatred of cyclists riding on the road, especially along the coast

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, look left & click "Report Group" if you wish to send a strong message to Facebook.

I've considered contacting the people who have left comments on the wall but realise I'd probably receive a torrent of inane abuse for daring to raise their awareness.

For some folks, this sort of online expression is just mindless shit & giggles and the new TAC campaign would probably go straight over their selfish little heads.

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The prevalence of endless, witless, juvenile "I hate [insert petty grievance here]" groups is just one of the reasons I shook the Facebook dust of my feet and never looked back.

Lowest common denominator territory...
Huzzah! Collective concern by facebook cyclists has altered the situation somewhat, read on...

Group description:

Group closed because we need to think about road use that doesn't involve grievous bodily harm.

As this group's name incited violence towards legal road users and the original group's creators were lacking a spine to actually have the guts to name themselves, we have closed this group.

Unfortunately Facebook rules are such that once a group is created its name cannot be changed or edited.


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