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Does your rides calendar reach your audience? You put your rides up on your web site; email a list off to Melbourne Cyclist and plug in your rides to BV's rides calendar form one by one, again and again. Some of your mates may also put your calendar up on their website. Then the problems: Fred forgot to put the stuff up on the site last night. Christina stuffed up the dates. The email Bill sent, went astray (again).

Tired of all this monotonous laborious work and the associated miscellaneous stuff ups? Well maybe utopia has arrived in the form of Google Calendars?? (gCalendar)

You set up one only gCalendar for your BUG or club with your dates & comments. Then with about ten lines of HTML code, your BUG or club's website can display your calendar. When you change your calendar, so does the one shown on your website, as your website just subscribes to your gCalendar.

And that's not all. Your website's calendar can show the dates from other calendars. You can pick and choose, so for example, you can have a calendar for all the crits in Melbourne. Or a calendar that shows rides by BUGs in your area. Or you can just show the whole lot. The reader can turn on and off the calendar sources as they wish, when they look at your web page.

Here is an example. Melbourne Cyclist has a calendar on this page, and Boroondara BUG has a calendar on this page, and Yarra BUG has a calendar on this page.

They all show the same calendar!!! but BBUG also subscribes to a moon phase calendar and a weather calendar, so they get shown as well. So if your BUG or club maintained its own gCalendar, then it could also be integrated into the Melbourne Cyclist, Yarra BUG and BBUG sites and any other site that had a gCalendar on it, including your own site. We all get to see each others rides but we only have to look after our own events!!

Here's how:
Get a Google account for your BUG or club. Not only will you be able to use their calendars but you will also end up with a free email address (gMail). You can also apply for an API key for Google Maps, so you can use those on your site as well. Here's the link to start an Google account.
Once you have an account and you are logged in, you can set up a gCalendar. Here is a tour of the calendar - probably too much information, so don't let it put you off:
The calendar settings should be set to PUBLIC, as then it can be found via a quick search of google calendars and the RSS feed can then also be used in other peoples/groups mashups.

Haven't got a website of your own?? - doesn't matter - just get a google account - set up a calendar and ask some existing websites with a calendar eg Melbourne Cyclist, to subscribe to your calendar.

Once your gCalendar is up and running, it's done for ever. Just maintain your own BUG or club calendar and it will be shown by any site that subscribes to it. And in turn your calendar will show the calendars you subscribe to. One slight problem, we can't subscribe to your calendar if it doesn't exist - so make one now and junk your old methods.

Crowd sourcing at it finest.

Techy stuff for webmasters & mistresses:
Once you have a calendar, replace YOUR_CALENDAR with the magic number for your calendar and stick this code on your website. Want to subscribe to say Melbourne Cyclists calendar? In the code below replace SOMEONE_ELSES_CALENDAR_NUMBER with Melbourne Cyclists calendar number.

Which is: hcjdms0uhnc5rqlkcigv27thas
SOME_OTHER_CALENDAR_NUMBER could be another calendar from some other site or leave out that line completely.

Example of the embedded code for the existing Melbourne Cyclist google calendar:

Note that you could have a calendar that just showed road rides on your websites roadie page and another calendar that subscribed to rides for seniors on your website page aimed at the old folk like myself. Or two on one page - one shows your BUG's events and the other calendar shows everybody elses events.

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