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"Dear all

I wish to advise that with the recent heavy storms and rains, a section of the Gardiners Creek bank approximately 200m east of Tooronga Road (old Brickworks site / Coles Group Building) has collapsed and damaged part of the Gardiners Creek Trail. Part of the path has been barricaded, however access through the area is still possible.

Melbourne Water has been notified of the damage and requested to undertake remedial works as soon as possible.

It would be appreciated if you could place a notice on your web site to
notify users of the issue.

Should you require any further details please contact me.

Thank you

Jim Hondrakis
Team Leader Transport Management

City of Boroondara
Private Bag 1
Camberwell 3124

ph. 9278 4546 fax 9278 4512


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Sounds similar to a minor landslip several years ago near Walmer Street at Alma Wharf.
Slow with the news, but the Gardiners Creek Trail is closed for repairs from Tooronga Rd almost all the way to Burke Rd. Will be closed until 20 Jan.

No detour is recommended, but I suggest (when travelling out from the city) going off at Tooronga Rd, across the motorway and turn left into Carroll Crescent (immediately before the railway line), straight ahead at the traffic lights at Burke Rd into Wills St, left at the roundabout into Great Valley Rd, turn back onto the trail immediately after going back under the motorway. Couldn't be easier.
Change is good as a holiday - so if bored with the daily commute - try one of Stonington's rare shared paths:

Heading out of the CBD - stay on the south of the creek at Glenferrie Rd, instead of doing the loop over the bridge. Continue on the south side - have to negotiate a small section of Rd at Talbot Rd/Toorak intersection. Continue on the south side, till the trail ends at the east side of Tooronga Rd in Weir St ie you can go under Tooronga Rd here.

Head south on Weir St to Carroll Cres. Follow Treadly's directions thereafter. Watch the traffic in Weir St and Carroll Cres - there's a hardware store there and it gets a fair bit of traffic.
I haven't followed the path on the south side for years but last time I went that way it was pretty rough. Has it been improved lately?
In answer to my own question: I rode Zed's suggested route this morning and the path is less lumpy than I remember but hardly bowling green smooth. I think my memory might have been exaggerating the state of this path, but it's easy to see why it carries much less traffic than the other side of the creek. (Not to mention that you don't get an underpass at Toorak Rd when you take the south side option.)

Still, it's a pleasant diversion and I think I might stick with it for the rest of the week.
Treadly have you seen BV's suggestion?

Not overly suprised the path is not that great - it's in Stonnington! Anyway they are busy tossing boulders into the creek, so it should be fixed in no time. Great to see they are taking it seriously.
Not until you suggested it, so I just had a look. It looks a lot like they're suggesting people ride along the footpath on the outward bound detour--that'd be a lot of bikes on the footpath, but I guess that's what some people are doing. I think I'll stick with the way I've been going.

Of course, you're right about Stonnington--the contrast is always stark (to say the least) between the trails of Boroondara and Stonnington.


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